Our lead actresses are prettier/funnier than yours.


Life of a Community fan:

When you see a promo for a new episode:

When there is a new episode:

The post episode depression you feel:

When it goes on mid-season hiatus:

Re-watching old episodes:

When people ask you if you watch Community:

When you meet someone who likes Community:

When someone doesn’t like or appreciate Community:

When Troy and Abed do the handshake:

When people excessively hate on Pierce:

When you see a nice picture of any of the cast:

Whenever you watch Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas:

When we get new guest stars:

The Emmy People:

When Jeff/Annie Shippers get a moment:

When Jeff/Britta shippers get a moment:

When any other ship gets a moment:

When people hate on other peoples ships:

When Community is involved in any online poll:

The Behind the Scenes videos we get:

The DVD Outtakes:

Getting commentary on every episode:

When any of the paintball episodes are on:

All Five Dances:

When the latest season comes out on DVD:

Someone asks you something about Community:

When someone uses the ‘lord is testing me’ gif that doesn’t watch Community:

When someone quotes Community incorrectly thinking they’re right:

The girls friendship:

The boys friendship:

When you see the cast tweet each other:


TV Meme - 10 Currently Airing Shows» 1.  Community 


TV Meme - 10 Currently Airing Shows
» 1.  Community 

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This is a Community cast facial expressions appreciation blog.

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Dan Harmon speaking about the next season of Community:

“We’re going to stay off NBC’s radar as the weird show for a little bit by not having any kind of stylistic experimentation take place within the confines of the stories themselves,” he says. “I just don’t want to give people the satisfaction of pitching them episodes like, ‘The whole thing is in black and white!’ just so they can say no. I’m not bothering with that and staying low to the ground and being weird in creative ways that will hopefully give us more insight into the characters.”


Community - Cooperative Calligraphy


Community - Cooperative Calligraphy